Designing Your New Home, A Guide For Beginners

Many people dream about moving to a new home and how they will design it. However, planning for that move is one of the most important things that needs to happen first. Let me guide you through the steps to this planning process.

The Planning Process.

First, people need to understand that this process will probably take at least a year. And once you have found the site, you will need to involve an architect, an engineer, a builder and perhaps special designers for kitchens, and bathrooms. You’ll also need to hire a professional like Interior Design Fort Collins to perform your interior design work. There is another thing that people need to understand. In most cases, you’ll need to bid on the architect that you want to use, as they can typically charge expensive rates. You’ll also need to pick a professional builder, one that has years of excellent experience. Often times, the architect and builder will work together on the overall experience for you. Just make sure you have chosen the right people, because once the plans are ready, you won’t be able to choose other professionals.

Have a Winning Team.

This part is crucial, as your team will play a large part in your life for the next year. You really want to like the team, because you are going to spend a lot of time with them. As mentioned before, your architect and builder will be working together, so they need to like each other.

Don’t mess up the planning process.

The plans, materials and designs can be easily changed while everything is still on paper. However, changes are costly once building starts. Just remember, If it has not been framed yet, you can make a huge number of modifications. Any change after that will cost you money. This is because it is difficult to undo changes when building decisions have been made. Take your time when you plan the house and avoid jumping into the construction phase before you are ready. Verify and license references. This should be done with the architect and builder as well as any other professional that you work with. This is done in order to discuss final details and to double check the final results.

Get everything in writing.

Get everything in writing. And I mean everything. The contract with the architect and the builder, which services are to be provided, and the schedule for progress payments. If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to loving your new home.